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Screen captures of Emily on The Jay Leno Show from a week ago have been added to the gallery. I haven’t been able to find the full interview on YouTube yet, so I will try and make a clip of it for the site tomorrow. The interview was hilarious and we even got to see Emily’s driver’s license, which has a picture of blonde, 17-year-old Emily.

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A lovely picture of Emily and fiance John Krasinski at the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon has been added to the gallery. I managed to catch most of the program and it was really moving (and the music was really good). A very big thank you to Emily and John for participating! Please see my last post for links to help out charities for Haiti!

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Emily, along with John Krasinski and many other celebrities, are participating in the Hope For Haiti Now telethon to answer telephones. The marathon will be airing tonight! You can read all about it here. Also, please visit the official website (where you can donate) right here.

“There are about 130, 140 actors and athletes and singers that are all just coming up – not to be on the show – simply to answer phones,” George Clooney tells MTV’s Sway Calloway about tonight’s Hope for Haiti Now telethon.

The lineup of superstar operators includes (in alphabetical order): Ben Affleck, Tim Allen, Jennifer Aniston, David Archuleta, Alec Baldwin, Ellen Barkin, Drew Barrymore,  Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Russell Brand, Benjamin Bratt, Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Butler, Chevy Chase, Kristin Chenoweth…

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As many of you already know, Emily was nominated for a Golden Globe Best Actress Award for her portrayal of Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria. The award went to Sandra Bullock, but it was was nice that Emily was recognized! Emily attended the awards with her fiance, John Krasinski. The first pictures are in the gallery!

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Yesterday Emily attended BAFTA/LA’s 16th Annual Awards Season Tea Party, looking beautiful in a lovely blue dress! I love that color on her! Pictures have been added to the gallery. Remember its Golden Globes day today so we’ll hopefully be getting more pictures. Updates may not come straight away, Sarika and I are very busy and I’m in the UK and may not be able to stay up all night waiting for pictures to come in. All will be updated tomorrow though and keep your fingers crossed for Emily!

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Last night Emily and fiance John Krasinski walked the red carpet of the Critics’ Choice Awards! Emily looked stunning in a silver George Chakra dress and gorgeous gorgeous Diego Dolcini shoes!